Thursday, October 29, 2009

Discount Online Stock Trading

Discount online stock trading is service offered by online stockbrokers. They provide general information regarding trading and are also less personalized than a full-service stockbroker. Traders prefer them, as their charges are considerably lower than that of a full service broker. Deep discount online stock trading brokers offer minimum service and only trade stocks and options for a flat fee.

In order to start discount stock trading online, investors have to open an account with the discount broker. Most discount brokers require a fixed initial deposit for opening a trading account. This can be anything from five hundred to two thousand dollars. After opening the account, deposits of any amount can be made. Deep discount brokers accept the orders and execute them to the letter, without offering any sort of advice. Almost all discount stockbrokers have their websites, through which traders can access and manage their accounts by themselves. Traders, who have a good idea of the market and like to manage their trading accounts by themselves, without any interference of the broker, prefer this option.

Discount online stock trading allows the traders to buy or sell stocks any time of the day. With online discount brokers, there is no need to personally interact with the broker. However, they do have a help line that can be reached, in case of any query. Online trading requires thorough research by the trader, to find a good broker. Traders must also enquire with fellow traders about their experiences, with different online stockbrokers. It is necessary to make comparisons, to find the discount broker that provides the best deal. The commission charged by the broker must also be understood perfectly, for the actual dollar cost per trade. The type and quantity of trade must also be considered, before selecting an online discount broker.

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